Monsieur Plume’s “Skagis-game”

skagisgame 2


On Sunday we opened Skagaströnds’ very first and only public wall for community and creative expression!
Monsieur Plume and Stéphanie Letaconoux are Nes artists in residence for March and April. They developed “Skagis-game”, a large village wide treasure hunt game in the town that gave kids and families the means to express themselves creatively and collectively as teams, families, and a village working together to find Monsieur Plumes’ lost art materials that were found beside canvasses hung all over town.
In order to play, families would make cakes to bring to Nes to share afterwards. After collecting all of the lost spray cans in the treasure hunt, kids were able express their talents together through spray-painting our new community wall with help from pro street artist, Monsieur Plume. We were excited that the firsts artists to use the wall were those from Skagaströnd!

skagisgame 3

A brief spray can tutorial by Monsieur Plume gave kids as young as 3 or 4 years old a way to connect to artists and art in Skagaströnd, and most of all to have so much fun together! The wall will remain the joint property of Nes and young people in Skagaströnd so we can continue to create exciting work together!

Over the coming week, Monsieur Plume will continue to work on the wall to create a mural that includes everones work together as one piece.


last one standing photo