Guido van Helten




In an investigation into character and identity of the fishing culture in Skagaströnd, Guido van Helten created public large scale murals. Fellow Nes artist Marlaina Read collaborated with photography to prepare the final image for painting upon the harbor walls in Skagaströnd.
The pair, along with Nes local, Linda Hentze, took a rough and long journey on a fishing boat from Skagaströnd to another old fishing town called Siglufjörður, the weather was not very favourable, but regardless the boat set sail, artists aboard.
The final works were created entirely of spraypaint by Guido van Helten.

Kind support was offered by Magnus B. Jónsson (town mayor) to complete the work with permissions and equipment assistance.

We love it!

Guido is now seeking to carry out future works around Iceland and in Skagaströnd, some additional murals have been continued in Reykjavik last week.

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