Marlaina Read



Marlaina dreamt this work, behind the Nes houses stand some impressive cliffs. While hiking them, Marlaina rested in a patch of soft moss and dreamt of strings.
The work was created then to provide a place for sleep, meditation, and renewed perspective in Skagaströnd.


Marlaina says:

A place prepared for sleep / Staður undirbúin fyrir svefn.

Kinetic sound installation and performance piece. Found wood and iron, Icelandic wool. Skagastrond May 2013. We walked my string sculpture from the studio to the cliffs. We installed it over a space where I slept. The strings extend seven metres or so, and if you lie underneath they move and coalesce in the wind, and the strings look like how the waves sound. Meditative. Making liminal spaces habitable may generate new ideas of collectivity. Thank you to Yogan Muller for inspiration.”

by Melody