Opið hús í Nes listamiðstöð

Opið hús í Nes listamiðstöð
kl 15:30 – 17:30  |  Föstudaginn 19 Júlí.

In conjunction with the Nes listamiðstöð Summer We Go Public initiative our artist’s will be opening their studios this afternoon at 15:30. The open studio program features work by:
Paul Soulellis (USA) / Anne F Dupuis (AUS) / Mauro Arrighi (IT) / Ellen Mueller (USA) /  Darr Tah Lei (IS)  / Rebeca Mendez (USA) / Jonathan Ricci (USA) / Karl Chilcott and Christine Chilcott (SWE) / Kim Hallifax (AUS) / Elizabeth Dunn (AUS) / Kat Sawyer (AUS) / Linda Hentze (IS) / Wildland Urban Interface Collective (USA) represented by Jonathan Rattner, Jonathan Johnson and John Morell.

More information about the artist’s and their projects is available here. A number of our artist’s are also engaged in off-site projects around Skagaströnd. Maps are available here.

NES Artist Residency