Studio PechaKucha ▼

Nes Listamiðstöð Residents are preparing to discuss their contributions to the Summer We Go Public program as a part of our regular studio PechaKucha. The event will feature contributions from our artists.

Paul Soulellis USA / Jonathan Ricci (USA) / Mauro Arrighi (IT) / Elizabeth Dunn (AUS) / Kathryn Sawyer (AUS) / Mitch Karunaratne (UK) / Zoe Scoglio (AUS) / Caroline McAuliffe (USA) / Charlotte Keniston (USA) /Alessandro Vizzini (IT) / Sabina Maselli (AUS) / Judy Thomas (UK) / Didier Morelli (CAN) / Kim Hallifax (AUS) / Darr Tah Lei (IS)

Further information about our artists can be accessed here.

2013-07-10 19.56.00