Úlfur Karlsson

Painted garments 2012

Painted garments2012

Fabric and wearable art workshop with the kids of Skagaströnd

“Unrest motivates me to make art and the physical action of painting and the high that I get when I sense that a painting works and I feel that maybe I can sometimes let the chaos work for me.

Before I started to paint I drew timelines for manuscripts. I have a feeling that I am still doing timelines in my paintings and the manuscript can be a story in my head or things that are happening in the world.

I, like almost everyone else, would like to change certain things that are happening and there are crazy moments when I believe art can do that.

I  have made garments out of my paintings so they can  get out among people. I like the thought that moving bodies are carrying my art around in the world.

Sometimes I use statements on the garments and I like my works to take color from the environment surrounding me at the time they are done. Therefore travelling is very important to me.”