What do you want remembered?

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Postcard Project: What do you want remembered? Hvað er það sem þú vilt að sé munað eftir?
Jonathan Rattner – with Wildland Urban Interface collective

“In May of 2013, I was asked to participate in a traveling group show called the Ossuary (a repository of bones).  Each artist was asked to create a single bone, a cluster of bones, or an art work that is inspired by, uses, or plays with the idea of bones. (Review of Ossuary: http://www.artknoxville.com/ossuary/ )

I conceptualized my project while I was an artist in residence at NES in July, 2013, and thought it might be an exciting addition to NES’s Summer We Go Public initiative.  I imagine everyone who has been to, or lived in, Skagaströnd understands the visual, physical, and for some, spiritual, and conceptual importance Spákonufell has. I figured what better way to honor my time there, the people I met, the friends I made, as well as try to connect and have a conversation with the people that live in Skagaströnd year-round, than by using Spákonufell as the subject for this postcard.  Postcards will be made in both Icelandic, as well as in English, and on display for use in different locations around Skagaströnd.

As in most of my work, I’m interested in how this postcard, with its archaic format of connectivity, provokes reflection and reevaluation of the places, stories, memories, and objects we use to generate meaning as individuals.

For me, when I think of bones, I think of death, and when I think of my own death I am most frightened by the loss of my memories – meaningful moments and interactions that have helped define my life (some of which occurred in Skagaströnd). This project, in its own small way, is my attempt to confront the inevitable or at least honor our memories as we still have them.

Postcard available soon in Skagaströnd and selected places in Iceland: Spákonufell Mountain in Skagaströnd, Iceland, July 2013

Directions: Please write what you want remembered, and place your postcard in the urn at the Ossuary.  In July 2014, your postcard will be burned and the ash will be scattered over Spákonufell Mountain in Skagaströnd, Iceland, at the tip of the Greenland Sea.

Postcard (Íslensk) frá Nes og Pósturinn: Spákonufell á Skagaströnd, júlí 2013.

(Íslensk): Vinsamlegast skrifaðu það, sem þú vilt að sé munað eftir, á blaðið hér fyrir neðan og sendu póstkortið til: Ossuary, 5007 Marchant Drive, Nashville. TN 37211, USA. Í júlí 2014 verður póstkortið þitt brennt og öskunni dreift yfir Spákonufell á Skagaströnd, rétt við jaðar Grænlandssunds.