Alessandro Vizzini


Alessandro Vizzini has been working in the studio and outside to develop sculptural investigations. We invite you to a walk to 2 sites in Skagaströnd with Alessandro where sculptures will be temporarily placed in the landscape.
Meet at the Nes Studios at 4pm this Saturday September 7. 

Here is an artist statement the is a little more about Alessandro’s work and practice.

The center is the matter, spirituality and science come into contact with it as the basis of the universe, all of our perception and also what we perceive with our senses. The methodology of the work is based on the study of philosophies esoteric and spirituals, in relation to the research scientific subjects more Advanced Physics and Astrophysics, investigating the connections between that always intertwine science, spirituality and mysticism. The matter is the key to the knowledge of nature, In the sense the broadest of terms, such as life in the microcosmic sense for the human and the macrocosmic to the stars and the cosmos, which is reflected in images derived from the entire universe. As a “Great Work”, each work is designed for an installation project, composed of several elements, in which the drawing functions as a principle, highlighting the study and research at the base. Short circuits are activated in clash/encounter between science and spirituality, trigger the “places” mental decoding and synthesis of the complex reality we live. This is a research that aims to reflect on the knowledge in understanding human existence.