Opið Hús og Alessandro Vizzini


Alessandro Vizzini has prepared a series of sculptural works that he will present for exhibit at the Nes studios this Saturday, September 14.

We open our doors at 16:00 until 18:00.

Our resident artists are opening up their studios to everyone and we want to share and talk about what they are working on, or what they have done while here over the last couple of months. We have such a talented and special group of artists in residence and we welcome you to join us for coffee and chats.

NES LISTAMIÐSTÖÐ Fjörubraut 8 545 Skagaströnd

kl. 16 -18

Allir velkomnir!

Here are our artists that will be present:

Alessandro Vizzini Italy http://alessandrovizzini.tumblr.com/
Sabina Maselli + Erkki Veltheim Australia
Judy Thomas UK www.linesofdesire.co.uk
Didier Morelli Canada www.didiermorelli.com
Agnes So China / New Zealand http://www.agnes.so
Sarah Nance USA http://sarahnance.com/
Tamsin Spargo Britain http://tamsinspargoportrait.blogspot.com
Heather Sincavage USA www.heathersincavage.com
Dee Gibson Canada
Renata De Bonis Brazil
Sophia Carroll Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTjjX5mW_aY
Amy Cliser USA
Darr Tah Lei Iceland http://darrtahlei.com/