N1 Residency

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Here is a report written by Alex Baumhardt (whom we do not know) who partook in the residency program: http://matadornetwork.com/notebook/my-failed-attempt-at-an-artist-residency-in-iceland/


The N1 Residency program is a new initiative devised by Kat Danger Sawyer and Paul Soulellis. You are invited to undertake new work and development opportunities while at N1 gas stations in Iceland. The residency space includes:

+ Wifi
+ Tea & Coffee
+ Conveniences
+ Toiletries
+ Workstations
+ Electrical Outlets
+ Close proximities or Intimacy
+ Tables for your laptop or work station
+ Refueling opportunities
+ Productivity while waiting for buses

Please ensure you document your residency and send us the images.

The  residency program is free and open to the public. You simply turn up, sit down, and work.

N1 gas stations can be found in most major stops around the main highway of Iceland; the major arterial “ring road”.

On the 27/07/13 N1 program directors honoured the life of artist Walter De Maria. While travelling between N1 service centres in Sauðárkrókur and Skagaströnd the artists documented an unbroken kilometer of 21 road barriers in tribute to De Maria’s Broken Kilometer (1979). The resulting series of work – realised conceptually, through photographs, in print and on web – makes reference to the dimensions and material presence of De Maria’s long term installation at 393 West Broadway. Read more at http://soulellis.com/.
Walter De Maria was 77 years old and lived in New York. 

The N1 Residency in Action:

On site, residents can undertake administration of their practice through email, book keeping, social media, the construction of marquettes, organisation and small diagrammatic drawings. Projects demonstrating systematic inquiry and innovation are also encouraged. Facilities available support professionals working in fiction and non-fiction, social practice, intervention, blogging, design, architecture and inter discipline.

Developed to close distances between Iceland’s surfeit of residencies, N1 Residency was established in 2013 to provide for the movement of artists between Nes Listamiðstöð, Textílsetur Íslands & Sím. Inventive in its approach to artists-in-residence, the project tosses the idea of a 1 month or 2 month stay required by other remote residences of the region. Instead N1 solicits artists to stay only in intervals and continue returning to work with the N1 Residency Program at will.


There is no formal application process administered by N1, nor are they aware of the program. There is no formal application process with Nes.  All interested parties should apply their own criterion to assess their eligibility. Those inquiring should evaluate their practice and whether it makes a contribution to the quality output of the Program.