Anne Dupuis


Shading the Light

Shading the light was conceived to be a transformative temporary structure made to exist momentarily. It was created during the 24-hour daylight phenomenon, and crafted from an intensive daily work process of mending calico material.

The project consists of a slowly processed intimate installation altering itself to unveil its surroundings, alongside, the intention to embrace a sensitive reflection within a non-traditional exhibition space.

Supplemented through conversation with local residents, a thoughtful invitation to reflect occurs, prompting a reminiscence of the place and our relationship towards nature.

‘Shading the light’ has a meaningful interest in social and environmental sustainability lending the work the ability to act as a kind of responsive community confession room.

The artwork aimed to address a locational identity correlated through locally sourced materials and skills to create the ‘spine’ of the work.  It also worked as a communicative device for exploring ecological narratives, stories, and discourse of everyday encounters, gathered from a remote Icelandic fishing village where the inhabitant’s behavioral instinct cannot separate itself from the environment but rather fuse with it.

The light fabric installation is a contemplative subtlety intervention, concluded through a series of collected discussions about a place.

It offers a confined and quiet space that exposes a framed vision of the overwhelming surrounding landscape alongside local commodities.


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