Jonathan Ricci

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Migration Project


In keeping with the theme of migration, and the importance of Northern Iceland’s role on the migratory path of the Arctic Tern, I placed a covey of handmade ceramic birds in various public settings in the town of Skagaströnd.   People can discover, enjoy, take for themselves, pass along to friends and loved ones or move the birds to a new location to be found by others.  Each bird has a tracking label and information to instigate their migration.  I have asked participants in this collaborative project to email or upload a photograph of the bird so that the location and migration can be logged on a map and database on the project’s link at

Some of the bird’s migratory paths:

New Jersey to Skagaströnd

New Jersey to Skagaströnd to Nashville, Tennessee

New Jersey to Skagaströnd to Hackney, United Kingdom

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