Sarah Nance


Sarah Nance :
buoy for those between the spray and sky, 2013
mirrors, glass microbeads, concrete block, spray paint, light
4.5 x 47.5 x 47.5 in.
I’ve traveled a fair amount over the past few months—always noting the striking contrast of neon orange (ships, roofs, buoys) and muted gray (mountains, sky, sea) I’ve seen throughout the Icelandic landscape. In my work I deal primarily with light and perception, most recently using reflective materials to engage natural light.
In buoy for those between the spray and sky, I pursued a subtle variety of reflections. The grid of mirrors appears blank, reflecting a monotone gray sky. This reflection is partially broken by a thin layer of glass microbeads, visible only from certain angles. The orange block is sharply mirrored by the grid, while the microbeads reflect only a soft neon glow (neon itself being a captured, embodied light).
The resulting installation is outside of place—not quite land, water or sky, but a coalescence of the three.
lifting, settling of a mountain, 2013
foil sheet, stone, light, water, wind
dimensions variable
As part of the Summer We Go Public program, I absorbed the landscape and weather of Skagaströnd, considering ways to interact with the severity of the elements.
Daily, I noted the foreboding, almost threatening presence of the mountain snow. For many weeks, the snow line remained just above the base of the mountain—present, but still held at arm’s length. It has made the mountains feel heavy, static. Lifting, settling of a mountain, a piece I installed on the cliffs of Spákonufellshöfði, explores a lighter and quickly shifting vision of these monuments.
You can watch the installation video here.