June – September 2013

A 4 month ongoing live and public art event. A fluid structure of presentations in Skagaströnd, Iceland made by pre-selected artists from around the globe.
Artists are working in public, alternative spaces, live art, engaged and/or ephemeral practice and will come together to contribute to a dynamic community within the small fishing village of Skagaströnd. The works made by artists will be posted here, and events ready to be shown will be listed on our PROGRAM page. The Summer We Go Public program is a fluid and spontaneous form of presentation over the 4 months, with many artists roaming and some creating specific events with dates and times. Summer We Go Public is curated by Melody Woodnutt and hosted by Nes Artist Residency.


„Everything ended in silence. The beasts and spirits heaved a deep breath, broke up their encirclement, and returned to the depths of the forest that had lost it‘s heart“.
–Haruki Murakami.

Artists are perculiar beasts and spirits, they are transient, encircling, they are memories of life and reminders of presence. They may make us die a death and evolve anew; seeing the world through reimagined realities. What they do can sculpt us and our society. They are conduits of circling activity, conductors of social imprints, tracing a creative energy and a connection we find in unexpected,  lost, or distracted places. Public spaces, remote spaces, alternative nooks and landscapes. Artists feed our lost hearts and imprint our found ones with memory and experience, joy and humanity. They are now ceasing their circling of the metropolis or cityscapes and descending upon the periphery,  creating new perspectives in a new context, instigating a new orchestration of the heart of a village.

Social Sculpture. Life as form. Ephemeral visibility. Process and engagement.

Summer We Go Public wants to create a visible and vibrant artistic community to act locally within Skagaströnd, enabling art in public or alternative spaces. We will see creativity that connects or that is contributing to the dialogue of art in peripheries and publics. It is a way of living, a way of experimenting, and a way to be present outside of the studio. Engaged practice and inclusive community works are encouraged to develop new memories and experiences within the town and its’ people. Things may grow from here.

Summer We Go Public is presenting life as form. Understanding the context of the program within the small fishing village, we are at liberty to connect upon the streets of a close knit and concentrated centre. Live art, public, and engaged practice is tested here, to understand the ability for arts to reach outside of it‘s contextual metropolitan comfort zone. The peripheral existence; or art creating new centres.
There‘s ability for unexpected occurences or collaborations via dislocation and repositioning of a single part in a whole. A global art orchestra‘s rearrangement as they recreate a new symphony in real time over 4 months, with the artist residency as host.

Remoteness in context and location, enabling new discoveries in rural areas and a presence of new art in remoteness. The Summer We Go Public program challenges the artist to tackle their obstacles of dislocation, cultural shift, limitations, and improvisation. There are discoveries waiting to happen here.

Artists will face challenges, and we hope to push our own artistic boundaries and expand what it means to create art. Site-specifics or location will challenge us with unpredictable weather, or unknown spaces, limited resources, and a strong reliance on self-sufficiency, improvisation, and initiative. The program does not include an artist assistant and artists are encouraged to collaborate or draw on the unexpected to develop a strong practice that can survive life outside of its comfort zone. There are no silver platters here, but plenty of inspiration and opportunity.

Extracted from the urban metropolis our artists are presented a new periphery in which to work, and locals in Skagaströnd are invited to rediscover their ideas, and perceptions of their homes, the village, and public spaces. Visiblility of the creative spirit within the streets of a village will bring together over 50 artists over 4 months to connect and present public or live works of an ephemeral nature.  Summer We Go Public asks for our fleeting artistic impressions to create permanent memories through momentary activation of new or public spaces.

Summer We Go Public is creating an active space for interdisciplinary pollination of ideas and a feast of untapped possibility, single parts connect and move forward together, or individually, for a common goal of vibrancy within our streets.

Here we explore site-specifics, the ephemeral, the permanent and impermanent, the engaged, the visible, and the public. We are multi-disciplinary, we are living through art, and finding form in real time experience, out there, in new peripheries, in a small remote fishing village in northern Iceland.

We are here. We are present. We are cultivating.

Besta Kveðja,
Melody Woodnutt.