Melody Woodnutt
Curatorial and Director of Nes Artist Residency

Melody Woodnutt is a curator, arts administrator, and an interdisciplinary artist at the juncture between live art and visual arts installation. Her curatorial or artistic works create activated spaces for the human presence, performance, or action.

Melody’s solo artistic work manifests as 360° immersive visual art installations using sound, light, dark, sculpted objects, and re-imagined spaces to house our understanding of an environment; albeit political, environmental, geographical or emotional. They are approximate microcosms of macrocosms.

Meanwhile, Melody’s curatorial work is focused more around the sculptural practice of creating tangible and social environments through site-specifics, ephemeral public space, live art, and public street art interventions  – this is to contribute to a creative and active social public space.

Through the act of creating spaces Melody draws a line from installation to social sculpture. She works with the tangible curation of festivals, curated programs, facilitation of artist residencies, and provides opportunities for youth or community engagement within these constructs.

Melody has also worked in film (art direction), theatre (installation design), collaborations, and has been supported with grants from Arts Queensland, Youth Arts Queensland, Menningarráð Norðurlands Vestra, and Vaxtarsamnigur Norðurlands Vestra (Iceland).

Kathryn Sawyer
Exhibitions + Public Programming | Nes Artist Residency

Kathryn Sawyer has held positions exhibiting, accessioning and caring for contemporary art objects in public institutions and commercial galleries across Australia. Her articles have been published by the Griffith University Art Gallery and Griffith University Art Collection, and Brisbane-based artist run initiatives including Level and Addition.

Kathryn has worked as a Curatorial and Collections Officer at Griffith Artworks, Stock Manager at Philip Bacon Galleries and as an assistant for Tibetan artist Gonkar Gyatso during the Three Realms project at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA). She has also developed site-specific curatorial projects for Brisbane Festival, and artistic projects for Hatched at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

During 2013 Kathryn will support the delivery of the Nes Artist Residency Summer We Go Public program under funding from Menningarráð Norðurlands Vestra, Arts Council of North West Iceland.

Kathryn holds a a Bachelor of Fine Arts with 1st Class Honours from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.