Summer We Go Public is hosted on site in a small fishing village called Skagaströnd in northern Iceland by Nes Artist Residency.

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The residency has artist houses scattered throughout the town and an open plan communal studio space that enables artists to come together. The studios are located by the sea and is privy to sights like the midnight sun in summer, the northern lights in winter, autumn, or spring and we sit at the base of mountains. The Icelandic landscape is known as unique and striking in its strangeness and beauty. The local town of Skagaströnd are kind and supportive people, often helping artists out when they are here.

Artists come to Nes for 2 or more months to work on creative process and development of new works. The picturesque countryside is relatively free of distractions found in a metropolis enabling artists solid focus and time to work. The residency hosts between 9 and 14 artists at a time to provide a fertile ground for cultural exchange, collaboration, cross-pollination of ideas, and interdisciplinary or contemporary research.

The residency is directed by Melody Woodnutt and has a strong artistic focus through the curation of artistic development programs (such as www.twom.is) or events like Summer We Go Public. The residency aims to provide a space for artists to develop their practice in varying stages of their career, and for community engagement within the town. Often artists create presentations, live preformances, or public offerings which we love, however it is not a requirement at Nes to do so. It is understood that the role of the residency here is to foster escape from the home based art context in order to allow experimentation, failure, creative development, and process based studio work to happen.

Should you like more information about Nes Artist Residency please see here: http://neslist.is/
Nes is a partner of The Baltic – Nordic Network of Remote Artist Residencies, you can see more here: http://remotenet.nidacolony.lt/



Nes has been supported by Menningarráð Norðurlands Vestra